Call for Papers and Registration

With the international conference New Horizons of Culture, Arts and Media in the Digital Environment, the Institute for theatre, film, radio and television (of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade) tends to view artistic, cultural and media practices in the context of complex processes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). This revolution, as so far unseen fusion of technologies, that is erasing borders between physical, digital and biological spheres, significantly changes cultural practices and demands that they should be investigated with an interdisciplinary approach. That is why we are inviting researchers from the fields of social sciences and humanities (cultural and literary studies, film and media studies, performing arts studies, studies of cultural management and policy, as well as the other closely related fields) to open new, important questions of future development of arts, culture and media as a cyber-physical systems, and try to offer some possible answers.

 Themes include, but are not limited to:

  • “The digital “as the social imaginary of today
  • Transformations of performing arts, film & media studies in the digital age
  • Cultural memory, cultural diversity and trasculturalism
  • Media production driven by big data and new technologies
  • Cultural policies & cultural management changes for the digital era
  • Implication of digital environment on art marketing
  • Narratives of cultural identity and heritage in digital landscapes
  • Cultural governance of data, networks and platforms
  • Digital humanities, new methodologies and ecologies of “open knowledge”

Proposals should be submitted to [email protected] by May 15th 2019.
Notification of acceptance: June 1st 2019.
The registration fee should be payed until July 20th 2019.
The registration fee for regular conference presenters is 30 EUR or, after July 20th, 50 EUR.
The registration fee for PhD students is 20 EUR or, after July 20th, 35 EUR.
The conference and side programs are open for audience and there is no registration fee.