Faculty of Drama Arts (FDU) is high education institution in the field of drama and audiovisual arts (theatre, film, radio and television). FDU belongs to University of Arts in Belgrade as one of the four faculties. Thanks to the 67-years-long tradition of creativity, high quality curriculums, credible professors and top notch conditions for students, Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade stands out as an educational, artistic and cultural institution. Faculty is part of the public education system financed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

FDU is a member of most relevant international organizations such as ELIA, ENCANT, SILECT and ŽEKT, and also among the founding members of European Film School ESFS and Festival of International Students Theater FIST. We are proud to be co-founders of the International Review of Mediterranean Theater Institutes MASLINA.

Aiming to contribute to the development of experimental approach in drama arts, Faculty has founded Laboratory of Performing Arts and Laboratory for Sound Experience – Room 64. FDU has signed several relevant Memorandums of Cooperation with high education institutions in Serbia and abroad. FDU participates in international projects of capacity building and supporting mobility to of students, lecturers and associates (Erasmus, SUNBEAM).